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How to setup UFT Mobile with Local Device


The article helps to install UFT Mobile to use with real devices.

Getting started

Before starting to setup UFT Mobile with local device, make sure your environment and equipment as below

  • Windows 10
  • Real Android mobile device
  • UFT One is already installed on the computer

In case, you don’t have UFT One on your computer, check this article How to download and install UFT One – Tech101

Overview of the steps to take

  1. Setup local server UFT Mobile Add-in for local device
  2. Connect server to real device using UFT Mobile Add-in
  3. Connect real device (real machine) to UFT One to execute the script
UFT Mobile Add-in for local device: This is a local server on your computer. UFT Mobile Add-in will support installing UFTM Agent on your mobile device to connect to the server.

Let’s do it!

1. Setup Local server with UFT Add-in

Download UFT Mobile Add-in for local device
Log in to your account to download
Choose the latest version

After the download is successful, extract the downloaded file and start the installation.

Click on the exe file to install UFT Mobile Add-in for local device

Setup service port và lựa chọn android SDK

You should pay attention to the server port and internal port information. This is important information when connecting to the device. The default server port will be 8080, you can change it to another parameter.

Setup service port and select android SDK

After you have installed all the parameters, click next and wait for UFT Mobile Add-in to install.

When the installation is complete. You connect the phone device to the computer with the Add-in installed via the USB port.

Turn the server on and off in the folder UFT Mobile Add-in for Local Device

2. Connect UFT server with real device (real machine)

Step 1: Connect the device to the computer using the USB port

Step 2: Turn on developer mode on your phone. Notice that, each device will have a different way to open developer mode. In the article using Google Pixel 6 will follow these steps:

Go to phone settings
Find the About phone section
Tap Build number 7 times to enable android developer mode

Step 3: After successful connection, UFT Mobile Add-in will automatically install UFTM Agent on the phone. You check that UFTM Agent is enabled Service and Connection Status.

Explanation of UFTM Agent: This is an Agent that is like a bridge between the UFT server and your phone.

Automatically install UFTM Agent and UFTM Dpc
Check connection status

Note: Make sure that the server parameter you set is the same as the server URL you are connecting to.

3. Connect real device to UFT One

You open UFT One installed on your machine and follow these instructions:

Select the tool on the bar of UFT One
Check the connection to the server

Make sure your port parameter is the same as the server’s port

Check server port parameter

To select the device used to execute the script, press Record on the bar of UFT One

To select the device used to execute the script, press Record

In the Record And Run Settings window, you will be able to select the device you want to record on. As shown in the photo, I am choosing a Google Pixel 6 Android 13 device (Android version 13).

In addition, UFT One also supports some other options when executing the script in the “Test Options” section.

Select the device to perform the recording

When successful setup for the device. You press Record, UFT will open a new window as shown to help you manipulate mobile devices on your computer.

To set up UFT One with Mobile, check out this article Setup UFT Mobile with Local Device – Tech101



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