Trang chủ Business English Topic: Work-life Balance

Topic: Work-life Balance


The topic for this article is work-life balance.

  1. New words
1leisure timeMost people only have a limited amount of leisure time
2draw a line between work and homeWhen working from home, you have to be able to draw a line between work and your personal life
3under pressureI can work very well under pressure
4put in extra hoursRoutinely putting in extra hours at office can put a strain on your social life
5have a monkey on your backserious problem, hard to resolve
this project is such a monkey on my back right now
6have outlets for your stressmethod, solution for reduce stress
In order to deal with stress, you need a healthy outlet
giao việc
As a boss you have to delegate (responsibilities to your staff)
8prioritizeyou must learn to prioritize your work
9procrastinatedelay to do something
When it comes to housework, I tend to procrastinate
10clock up lots of overtime
11good time – management skill
12burnoutkiệt sức
long and unpredictable work hours can lead to burnout.
13overwhelmedShe was overwhelmed with/by grief when her father died
14pace of life
fast-pace environment/world
The pace of life is much slower in the country than in the city
15rat racecompetitive life
He decided to get out of the rat race and worked on a farm
16workaholicHe seems to be a workaholic
17a demanding joba job that required a lot of skills
18on the same pageI think we are on the same page
19work from home/work remotelyI WFH 5 days a week



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